1. Registration

1.1 Team Registration

    1.1.1    Existing teams wishing to play the following season must be represented at the AGM by a registered player of that team and have paid a registration fee (equal to six times the current subscription fee) prior to the meeting.
    1.1.2    Teams wishing to change their name must notify the Committee before the AGM.
    1.1.3    Any team has the option to pay a one-off payment at the start of the season equal to ten times the annual subscription fee. This will allow registration of up to 15 players (any additional players will be charged at the annual subscription fee (half if registered after 1 January of that season))

1.2 Player Registration

    1.2.1    Only registered players may play in the league and knockouts. For the league and knockouts, players can only play for the team for which they are registered.
    1.2.2    All players included on the team's registration form will be considered registered for the season.
    1.2.3    Any additional players shall be registered on completion of a player registration form located at the Hampshire Lodge. This form must then be placed in the fixtures box or handed to a member of the committee before the start of their first match.
    1.2.4    Any player not registered (in virtue of no form being completed) will be ineligible to score or contribute to a team's total score.
    1.2.5    Non-registered players may be signed on for the mixed or open pairs knockouts on payment of 1

2. Fixtures

2.1 Regular Season

    2.1.1    All fixtures are to be played on the date and at the time specified in the fixtures book.
    2.1.2    Fixtures should be played as promptly as possible to avoid late starts

2.2 Postponing Fixtures

    2.2.1    The committee may postpone fixtures due to circumstances outside of its control for the safety of the clubs members. For example, Adverse Weather
    2.2.2    Postponed games must be re-scheduled and played within 21 days of the scheduled fixture date. Any game still postponed after 21 days will result in the team which caused the first postponement being deemed to have lost the match.

2.3 Other Fixtures

    2.3.1    Knockout matches must be re-scheduled and played before the next round of the competition is set to commence.
    2.3.2    Any team that does not show up to play a fixture, without notifying the opposing team and fixtures secretary will receive a walkover loss and be awarded no pins where necessary.
    2.3.3    Any other fixtures issues will be resolved at the discretion of the committee.

3. Playing

3.1 Game Format

    3.1.1    All matches must start on time and be played without any unreasonable delay as no allowance is made for late starts.
    3.1.2    The maximum number of players is 6 a-side
    3.1.3    A game is played as follows:
  • 1st team plays 1 hand, 2nd team plays 2 hands
  • 1st team plays 2 hands, 2nd team plays 2 hands
  • 1st team plays 2 hands, 2nd team plays 1 hand
    3.1.4    The King Pin must be placed in the centre of the diamond surrounded by the smaller pins, each on its own marked spot.
    3.1.5    Bowling must be underarm, with the ball not landing on or after the second red line.
    3.1.6    A no ball occurs when:
  • The player throws a ball to land after the second red line
  • The ball touches the side of the alley before the pins are hit
  • The bowling player's foot or any other body part touches the first red line or any part of the alley beyond the line.
    3.1.7    Any pins knocked down by a no ball will not be restacked and will not count towards the players score for that hand.
    3.1.8    Should a no ball knock down all of the remaining pins, any further balls to be played will be forfeit.
    3.1.9    If a ball or pin is caused to bounce off of the wall that intrudes onto the alley and in turn knocks down any further pins, these pins do not count towards the score and must be put back onto the spots they were knocked down from.

3.2 Players

    3.2.1    Players of the opposing team must pick up the pins.
    3.2.2    Any pins accidently knocked down during a game must be replaced.
    3.2.3    Any player arriving late may join the game from the current hand being played but cannot play any hands they have missed.
    3.2.4    Teams may play out of order if one or more of the players is absent from the alley, however this should be reduced to a minimum wherever possible to avoid delay.
    3.2.5    Substitutions for injured players may be made as long as the injury was sustained while playing and as a result of play.

3.3 Scoring

    3.3.1    Each player will score based on the number of pins they knock down, disregarding any pins knocked down by a no ball.
    3.3.2    If 9 pins are knocked down and the player still has a ball(s) to bowl, the pins will be restacked and the player will continue bowling. A maximum score is therefore 27 over three balls.
    3.3.3    Any pins knocked down by a no ball do not count towards the players total.

3.4 Other

    3.4.1    Any team or player using foul, abusive or offensive language or causing damage to the alley or skittles shall be dealt with by the committee.

4. Results

    4.1    A scorecard must be completed for all league and knockout matches (including the men's 4-a-side)
    4.2    A scorecard must include:
  • Team names
  • Date the fixture is played
  • Each players full name
  • Each players final score
  • The total score for the team
  • A signature from each team captain (or designated stand-in)
    4.3    Any scorecard that is not complete in respect of player or team scores will be deemed to have scored the lowest total. In respect of any score omission (either team or player), this will be Nil. In respect of any unclear scores this will be the judged by the fixtures secretary.
    4.4    Two points will be awarded for a team victory; 1 point per team will be awarded for a draw.
    4.5    In the event of a points draw at the end of the season, the total pin count of each team will decide the team's final position. Should the pin count also be a draw, the positions will be determined by a playoff match should it determine relegation or promotion between divisions.

5. Trophies

    5.1    To qualify for the individual average trophy, a player must have played at least half of their teams league matches
    5.2    Cup matches do not affect the league trophy calculations.
    5.3    A Player's high scores may only qualify to win the Highest Score Trophy if they are scored during a league match.
    5.4    If a team is deemed to have scored no pins (by way of walkover or omission of team scores), their average will be calculated including any nil scores.